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Printworks: Graphics and More


Welcome to Printworks: Graphics and More, the small, personalized graphics operation manned by Louis Gaal, a veteran printer with many years of experience in the Greater Winnipeg area.

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Printworks: Graphics and More is a small, compact graphics and printing firm operating in the Greater Winnipeg area. It specializes in custom service for discerning and economy-minded businessmen, community groups and individuals

If you are seeking quick, dependable and affordable graphics or other printing, with the direct personal attention of a thoroughly experienced printing professional, then Louis Gaal and Printworks: Graphics and More are for you!

For detailed information about the service provided by Printworks: Graphics and More, click on About Us located at the top right hand of this page.

A bicycle; Actual size=240 pixels wide

For holiday season greeting cards and year-round printing jobs, Printworks: Graphics and More provides colourful and economical services for its customers in the Greater Winnipeg area.



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